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Company Profile

Excelsecu is a global solution provider of online identity authentication, widely applied in banks, government bodies and enterprises. Having serviced 50millon users, Excelsecu continuously exceed in fulfilling different customer's demand within the industry.

Excelsecu is a sponsor member of the FIDO Alliance, actively involved in sharing and building industry knowledge in achieving global online authentication standard within the alliance. Excelsecu believes in the use of the technology to service people, and share equal and robust security network in the world.

Development Course

  • 2016


    2016.01   EMVCo Level 1 certification ---in progress

    2016.02   Global Platform Observer Member

    2016.03   FIDO Alliance Membership

  • 2015


    ​2015.03   Obtained Unionpay card production enterprise qualification certification

    2015.08   Bluetooth Key certified by CNITSEC EAL4+

    2015.10   2nd Generation USBKey won the bid of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank

    2015.11   2nd Generation USBKey won the bid of Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank

  • 2014


    2014.07   CMMI, Maturity Level 3 Certification

    2014.08   1st Generation USBKey won the bid of Hubei State Taxation Bureau

  • 2013

    Bluetooth Key

    2013.02   Bluetooth Key obtained State Cryptography product certificate

    2013.03   Obtained Apple MFI Certification

    2013.04   1st Generation USBKey won the bid of China Merchants Bank

    2013.04   1st Generation USBKey won the bid of Bank of China

    2013.04   2nd Generation USBKey won the bid of MinSheng Bank

    2013.05   Successfully launched Bluetooth Key for mobile network

    2013.08   Comprehensive Key won the bid of Bank of Communications 

  • 2012


    2012.04   2nd Generation USBKey certified by FCC and CE

    2012.05   1st Generation USBKey certified by ROHS

  • 2011

    Australia C-TICK

    2011.01   Certified by Australia C-TICK

    2011.07   ISO14001:2004 Certified

    2011.12   OSCCA Inspection Certification

  • 2010

    PSAM Card

    2010.06   Social security smart card entrusted by testing organization & obtained certification

    2010.08   Automatic installation USBKey certified by CFCA

    2010.09   ICCR Certification

    2010.12   Financial PSAM card certified by BCTC

  • 2009

    National High-Tech Enterprise

    2009.05   Obtained State Commercial Encryption Product Sales Permit

    2009.05   CIITA Smart card professional committee member

    2009.06   Certified Software Enterprise

    2009.06   1st Generation USBKey certified by FCC and CE

    2009.10   Awarded China’s National High-Tech Enterprise

  • 2008


    2008.10   Obtained State Commercial Encryption Product Designated Enterprise

    2008.11   ISO9001:2008 Certified

  • 2006


    2006.01   Excelsecu was established


  • CE(9)

  • CE(EsecuOTP)

  • CFCA证书(EsecuKey-K3液晶型)

  • CFCA证书(EsecuKey-K3液晶型)

  • CE(9)2


Corporate Culture

We attach great importance to cultivate the staff's ability to work and their teamwork spirit. Also our company provides positive and free working environment, advocating "Happy Work, Nice Life". Considering our staff’s different personal expertise, interests and capabilities, we are absolutely willing to support every employee with their design of career development planning. Also, combined with the strategic target of company development, our company guides staff to develop together and cultivates their team spirit with various ways, bringing them teamwork and responsibilities.

We encourage open communications and every one in our company can be a manager or a participant in decision-making. All of us own genuineness, mutual respect, rigorous working attitude and tolerant corporate culture. And our company is where different corporate culture coexist.


We advocate the warmth of family atmosphere. And our company is a big family with you and me full of love, happiness, passion and energy, all of which spread everywhere and flow deep inside our heart.

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